These pictures were taken at the 2012 Oxford Free Flight Rally. 

DSC 0150

The weather (or more correctly the promise of bad weather) suppressed entries to some degree.  

DSC 0071
DSC 0075

A Dick Twomey Snark (isn't this actually a Snoek rather than a Snark?) 

DSC 0106
DSC 0103

Stuart Darmons Walkin Shoes, large and very slow…

DSC 0132

One of the two tail-less models on the towline

DSC 0139

Chris Skinner's chuckie 

DSC 0094


The Dreaming Spires Rally 

Pretty much another washout. 

DSC 0003

Andy Sephton about to launch his winning R30 model

DSC 0030

Derek Knight's Baradour

DSC 0012

Launching my R30; well Vintage chuckie, with a hastily added rocket motor after the loss of my actual R30 model.

DSC 0006

However some of the motors had a habit of burning through causing a somewhat unpredictable flight profile.

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