Keil Kraft Polydi

I saw the plans for this model whilst surfing idly through Ebay.  Pretty much encapsulated what I thought the perfect rubber powered model should be.  So I built one.

Screen Shot 2012-04-21 at 20.23.54
IMG 0102
IMG 0113

This was the first time I'd carved a prop and amazingly the model flies incrediby well.

At the OMFC "Wet and Windy Funfly" in 2011 the model did a loop on the winding stooge and broke its fus in half.   I rebuilt it in time for the decent weather in 2012 and it is again flying incredibly well.  The glide has something of the house brick about it, but this model is all about fun flying, not ultimate performance.  In fact to date it has yet to DT in anger!!

DSC 0139

The Polydi reborn - Port Meadow May 2012.  The model is flying with a borrowed Senator motor so the flight performance is a little below par, but still really gratifying. 

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