Piper Vagabond


This model was built from the Thomas Designs Kit for the Kitscale competition at the 2010 Nationals at Nottingham.  An excellent kit which made me British Champion!  So I'd recommend it. 

The model also came a disappointing third in 2011.  


I did also start a larger Vagabond for PAW 55 power.  Possibly the best build quality I have ever achieved.  But there was one slight issue; I had drawn the wing chord incorrectly in the side view and there was no way back. I took this picture just before binning the model. 

Screen Shot 2012-05-07 at 11.55.25

I took the Thomas Vagabond to the Velodrome meeting yesterday (24th Nov 2012) and was very pleased to come away with a second place.  (Also flew the Robin which only performed after the comp!!)  Pictures by the great Alex Whittaker.

IMG 2800
IMG 2783

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