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About Me

I built my first finite element model in 1987 whilst working at the Ministry of Defence, where I had done my apprenticeship and was sponsored to do a degree at Oxford Polytechnic. I used PAFEC for this (ironic that many years later that my company would take over what had been their Bristol operation.) After running that first model simulation has been my entire professional life.


Initially my work was centred on Cosmos/m, but later I used MARC, Ansys and Abaqus, with the last named code being my current system of choice.

I’ve also done quite a lot of CFD, and am interested in multiphysics and multiscales.

The company I founded, and ran for many years with the team of directors/shareholders and staff, SSA, was a leading reseller of Abaqus, and as well as selling software also provided support, training, and consultancy.

I’ve been a PhD examiner, am currently a Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford Brookes, a DPhil Supervisor at the University of Oxford, and have recently created training material for NAFEMS. I also work with my old team at Technia.

Published Work

Tips and Workarounds for CAD Generated Models, NAFEMS “How to” booklet. First published – January 1998, Revised and Republished – August 2008

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The influence of mechanical stimulus on the pattern of tissue differentiation in a long bone fracture–an FEM study TN Gardner, T Stoll, L Marks, S Mishra, M Knothe Tate; Journal of Biomechanics 2000

Design of the Lever and Reaction Beams for the UK Torque Machine; L Marks, B Greensmith, R Sangster, F A Davis IMEKO (International Measurement Confederation) Congress 2000, Vienna, Austria

Design of the Frame for the UK Torque Calibration Machine; L Marks, B Greensmith, R Sangster, F A Davis; IMEKO (International Measurement Confederation) Congress 2000, Vienna, Austria

Mathematical modelling of stress and strain in bone fracture repair tissue; TN Gardner, L Marks, T Stoll, M Knothe-Tate Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 1998

A finite element model of a human tibial fracture. Stress concentrations and mechanical failure in healing callus; T Gardner, T Stoll, L Marks, M Knothe-Tate, S Mishra, M Evans, H Simpson, J Hardy, J Kenwright Journal of Biomechanics 1998

The use of strain energy as a convergence criterion in the finite element modeling of bone and the effect of model geometry on stress convergence; LW Marks, TN Gardner Journal of Biomedical Engineering 1993

Large Scale Prototyping in the Oil & Gas Industry: The Use of FEA in the Structural Capacity Rating of a Deep Sea Pipeline Clamping System Dr. David Winfield, Laurence Marks , John Stobbart and Nick Long; Simulia Community Conference, Providence RI, 2014

Pre-surgical simulation of AV-valve interventions in AVSD patients – a feasibility study.  P Frieberg, N Aristokleous, S Swift, L Marks, N Hakacova.  54th Annual Meeting for European Paediatric & Congenital Cardiology (AEPC 2020), Gothenburg, Sweden, May 2020

Finite Element Modelling of Press Fit Implant Insertion. X Min, D Heath, S Mellon, D Murray, L.Marks CMBBE 2023: 18th International Symposium on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, Paris, France, May 2023

Defining a Process for Stress Reduction in the Keel Tray interface in Unicompartmental Knee Replacement Tibial Components, L.Marks, D Murray, S Mellon, CMBBE 2023: 18th International Symposium on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, Paris, France, May 2023

A Finite Element Model for investigating the influence of keel design and position on unicompartmental knee replacement cementless tibial component fixation. Alexander MacAulay; Azmi Rahman; Laurence Marks; David W Murray; Stephen Mellon Medical Engineering and Physics 104119 Feb 2024

Experimental Characterisation of Coefficient of Friction at Bone-Implant Interface. X Min. D Heath, L Marks, S Mellon Feb 2024


I’ve written about simulation for Develop3D magazine for a number of years.

Hillclimbing and Sprinting

I hillclimb and sprint a 1984 Van-Diemen Formula Ford, which I rebuilt from the ground up a few years back. I have also done work professionally in motorsport.