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FEA and CFD Expertise

Simulation Projects

I undertake consultancy projects, using a range of commercial software packages. These include Abaqus, Dyna, CCM+, Solidworks Simulation and public domain codes such as Openfoam and Calculix.

Software is generally leased on a per project basis, meaning that I can chose the right software for the project to hand, rather than being restricted to a single vendor or program. I have experience in many industry sectors, ranging from life sciences to motorsport and aerospace as well as in high technology industries in the UK and internationally.

I can undertake one off turn-key projects or develop workflows involving CAD integration and process automation using python.

Training, Mentoring and Training Material Development

I have developed training courses and material for a wide range of software packages from CAD integrated designer codes such as Solidworks Simulation and Solid Edge to more advanced programs including Abaqus and LS Dyna.

Material can be focussed on skill sets and developing an understanding of the simulation process or based on specific customer examples.

Mentoring and staff development is an important part of building a simulation knowledge base and function within a company. Having recruited and developed simulation engineers in the past, as well as undertaking mentoring programs, I am well qualified to offer this as a service.

Marketing Material, Case Studies, Writing and Presenting

Creating, and presenting, simulation content has been a long running theme in my career. I have written extensively in the popular CAE press and have a number of academic papers to my name.

I am a frequent presenter at events such as Develop3D Live.